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Q: How can I order a McGill Inc. product catalog?

A: You can download our catalog from this website. Please click here or go to the “Catalog” link from the homepage.

Q: If I am a retail owner how can I sell McGill product?

A: The McGill website offers retail pricing. If you are Dealer or Store Owner, please contact our Customer Service department. You will be asked to supply your resale certificate and a credit card to place your order.

Advantus Customer Service
Phone: (904) 482-0091
Fax: (904) 482-0099
Email Us: info@advantus.com

Q: Do you accept credit cards or other pay options?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: All orders are F.O.B. Jacksonville, FL, unless otherwise stated prior to shipment. Freight charges will be added to your order.

Q: How can I track my package?

A: When an order has been shipped, a tracking number will be provided on the confirmation of your order. Go to http://www.fedex.com/us/track/ to track your shipment's status and location.

Q: How quickly will my order ship out?

A: Our standard lead time is 3-5 business days

Q: My order has shipped but I still can't track it. How can I find out where it is?

A: Tracking information may not be available for the first 24 to 48 hours after you receive your shipping confirmation email. If 48 hours have passed and you're still unable to track your order, please call Customer Service at (904)-482-0091.

Q: What is your Returns Policy?

A: At McGill, we stand behind the quality of our products. If not satisfied, you may return an item purchased from our website with a return authorization number given when you call us and inform us of the reason for its return.

For a return authorization number please contact:
Advantus Customer Service
Phone: (904) 482-0091
Fax: (904) 482-0099
Email: info@advantus.com

Q: What type of warranty do you have?

A: There is a 90 day warranty on all McGill items.


Q: How long does it take to make a Paper Blossoms flower?

A: Depending on the type of flower, it generally takes about 15-20 minutes to construct a Paper Blossoms flower including punch time. The time varies based on which flower is being made, how many petals are needed and how much shading or additional embellishments are added.

Q: What is the best type of paper to use for Paper Blossoms flowers?

A: Molding and shaping your Paper Blossoms petals is easiest when using a lighter weight 65 lb. cardstock. Heavier weight 80lb. cardstock takes a little more pressure for shaping and bending and makes a very firm flower. 80lb. cardstock works best for flowers with larger petal shapes.

Double-sided scrapbook paper offers a nice firm paper weight for creating Paper Blossoms. The wide variety of colors and patterns provide unique results when both sides of the paper designs are used.

Lighter text weight papers can also be used and will create a more delicate flower. Lighter pressure is needed when shaping and bending these petals.

Q: What kind of glue is best for assembling Paper Blossoms flowers?

A: Best results come from a clear, quick setting paper crafting glue that allows you to set your petals in place, keeping them upright and in position while assembling the flower. The glue should also provide a strong bond after drying. There are several fast drying paper crafting glues on the market including but not limited to Fabri-Tac™ from Beacon Adhesives, a fast grabbing, quick drying, permanent glue; Helmar®450 Quick Dry Adhesive; and Zip Dry™ from Beacon Adhesives (will work but dries faster than Fabri-Tac™). Generally speaking, most solvent based, fast drying glues work best.

Q: Why do I need the Paper Blossoms Tool Kit?

A: The Paper Blossoms Tool Kit provides all the tools needed to shape petals and construct flowers efficiently. It includes 3 stylus tools with 6 different sized round stylus balls that mold paper shapes into petals and add thin veining details to shapes, as well. Each stylus tip is identified with a millimeter size making it easier to choose just the right size. The straight Reverse Tweezers included in the Kit holds petals and leaves comfortably as they are shaped and assembled into the flower.

Paper Blossoms Tools come in a convenient carrying case that secures and protects the tools when not in use and offers easy portability when attending a Paper Blossoms class or creating flowers with friends.

The Paper Shaping Tools & Piercing Mat Kit includes 1 stylus with 2 different sized balls that mold paper shapes into petals, 1 piercing tool that include 2 different sized piercers and 1 right angled tweezers for easy pick up and placement of small paper pieces and 1 firm molding mat that can be used for molding on one side and piercing on the other.

Q: How do I hold the stylus?

A: Hold the stylus as you would hold a pencil. Press the stylus ball into the center of the paper shape and move the ball in an expanding circular motion over the entire surface to prepare the paper. For the Cupping technique, hold the stylus at a 90° angle to the punched shape. Press the stylus down in the center of the shape while rotating in a small circular motion until the paper cups up around the tool.

Q: Why do I need the Paper Blossoms Craft Molding Mat?

A: The McGill Craft Molding Mat has been specially designed to provide just the right amount of cushion to mold punched shapes easily and effectively to get the results you want. Other foam mats may be too hard or too soft. The Paper Blossoms Craft Molding Mat offers a resilient, durable, and non-skid material that keeps projects in place while you're applying paper shaping techniques. The all-purpose surface can also be used for Dry Embossing and Perforating crafts, but should NOT be used with any techniques that use heat.

Q: How much pressure should I use?

A: Use medium pressure on the paper shapes to start. Depending on the paper-weight used, pressure should be adjusted to adequately break down the paper fibers to shape petals. Paper shapes should curl up around the stylus tool with the proper amount of pressure. Too light and the shape stays flat. Too much and the paper will tear. With practice you'll find the right amount of pressure that is right for you.

Q: How do I add inks for shading flower petals? How do I add color details?

A: An easy method for applying ink is to use a small stamping ink pad directly on the edges of the paper shapes or use a sponge or ink applicator. Dye inks, pigments and chalk inks can also be applied for a soft look. Ink can be added to the edges of petals before or after they've been shaped. Ink can also be added to the petals after the flower has been assembled. Edging petals with colored inks will add dimension and color contrast to your flowers and leaves.

Use a felt tip marker to add interior color details or veins to petals and leaves that will make your flower look authentic.

Q: What other kind of embellishments can I add to my flowers?

A: Use your unique creativity when making Paper Blossoms. Just as in nature, no two flowers are alike. Create your own special floral designs that are uniquely yours using some of these decorating techniques:

· Brush clear glitter-glue onto petals for added sparkle.
· Apply small buttons, rhinestones and beads to the flower centers.
· Add Flower Soft® to stamens and leaves for soft flocking.
· Dab scented oils in flower centers for a beautiful floral scent.
· Whatever embellishment you decide to add, have fun with it and let your creativity show.

Q: Are there any other tools that will make Paper Blossoms flower making easier?

Yes. For the assembly of the flower, it's best to use a non-stick, Surface Savers when gluing the petals and leaves together. The Surface Savers mats keep your work surface clean and dry. Simply add a small pool of glue to the Surface Saver and dip the tips of the petals and leaves into it to assemble the flowers. As the pool of glue dries, add more over it until the flower is complete. When the glue on the Surface Saver dries, it can be peeled off allowing the Craft Sheet to be used over and over again. All Surface Saver products can withstand up to 500 degree heat, so glue guns or embossing heat tools are OK to use.

Note: Do not use the Craft Molding Mat for gluing. It must stay clean and dry.


Q: Paper Punch Care

A: Keeping your paper punch edges sharp is key to creating punch-out shapes that are neat and clean. Here are some easy techniques to keep your punches working at their best and operating smoothly:

To Clean and Lubricate:
· When a punch is brand new, it's a good idea to punch onto scrap paper first to make sure the inner mechanism is loosened up and that any leftover lubricating residue on the metal is removed before using your design paper.
· Punching through wax paper can help to lubricate your punch for easier use.

To Sharpen:
· Use aluminum foil to help keep those cutting edges clean and sharp. Simply, punch through the foil several times to sharpen the edges.

A Sticking Punch:
· New punches will loosen up with continued use.
· If you're punch sticks and won't release, try putting it in the freezer. The cold will shrink the metal a little bit and may release itself.
· Lubricate your punch using wax paper when the punch is cold out of the freezer, this will help reach those hard to reach spots on the punch edges.
· A slight tapping on a hard surface may release the mechanism.

Q: I can't find your products in my local craft stores, where can I buy them?

A: McGill supports independent and chain craft and scrapbook stores; if your local craft or scrapbook store doesn't carry the McGill products, tell them that you want to see us on their shelves!

· You can also purchase directly from us:
· Visit us at our website www.mcgillinc.com
· Send your order by email to info@advantus.com
· Fax your order to 904-482-0099
· Call our customer service department at (904) 482-0091


Q: Can I use McGill products and patterns to make items for resale?

A: Yes, you may use our products and patterns to make projects to sell in limited quantities as stated under our Angel Policy. Any mass production using of any of our product or projects that is intended for sale will require a written permission to be granted from Advantus Corp.

Angel Policy

All Advantus (including the following brands: Tim Holtz idea-ology™, Cosmo Cricket®, Storage Studios®, McGill and Sulyn® designs are copyrighted by Advantus Corp. and are protected under United States and international copyright law, which means they cannot be copied without Advantus' permission. Advantus' Angel Policy grants limited permission (a license) to purchasers of Advantus' products to create hand-made artwork for sale. Advantus' does not limit the types of hand-made creations that may be sold under this policy, within reasonable standards of good taste. The terms and conditions of this "Angel Policy" are outlined below:

1. Advantus' designs may only be used in the creation of original, hand-made artwork.
2. Any artwork created using Advantus designs must not infringe third-party copyrighted material. The artist must accept full responsibility for his or her artwork.
3. No Advantus design may be reproduced or copied by any means, except hand-made, including photocopying, computer scanning and printing, or by freehand drawing. Artwork for sale must be personally hand-made by the selling artist, and any mass production or use of paid workers is prohibited.
4. Completed hand-made artwork may be sold at craft fairs, fundraisers, retail locations, and over the Internet. In the sale of hand-made artwork, Advantus trademarks and logos may not be used prominently or in any manner which might lead consumers to believe the hand-made artwork is an Advantus product.
5. Advantus designs and images may not be used in non- Advantus business logos, trademarks, or promotional materials.
6. Advantus may amend its policies governing the use of its copyrighted designs and images, including the Angel Policy, at any time. Amendments to such policies are effective upon publication unless otherwise noted and will be posted on the official Advantus website. Advantus reserves the right to deny or terminate permission to use Advantus designs and images with respect to any particular person.

If you make something especially fantastic, consider sending us a photograph or sample. We love to see how our products are used. In the event that we use your creation to promote our items we will seek permission first. Send all images to rcoggins@advantus.com .

If you plan to mechanically reproduce our images on more than 50 products for sale, please contact rcoggins@advantus.com with details for permission.

Q: I want to submit my project using McGill products to a publication. Is that OK and do I need permission?

A: No need for permission. Send it in and GOOD LUCK!

If a publication has chosen your project for showcasing... First...CONGRATULATIONS! Second...Let us know. We would love to feature it and let other McGill fans learn of your publicity.

Q: I want to have my project showcased on the McGill Website. How do I do that?

A: Advantus is always excited to see what our talented crafters create with McGill products and would like to share your project with others. Please submit your projects to info@advantus.com. We would love to share it, post it and pin it.

Please note: It is at the discretion of Advantus Corp. to review and approve the projects; therefore, it is not a guarantee that your project will be showcased.

Q: How do I request a donation of products for a party, event, grand opening, or charity?

A: As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of requests for donations and we do our best to accommodate them. While we cannot possibly fulfill every request, please know that your submission will be reviewed and carefully considered.

We suggest you submit your request at least four weeks before your event or project begins. We will notify you if we are able to fulfill your request.

In your request please provide us with the following information:

· Complete contact information - Organization, Contact Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address
· Detailed explanation of the request and it attendance
· Description of the charity or event
· Confirmation responsibility of shipping and handling

Please forward your request to jthompson@advantus.com.

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